Sindhi Kadhi complete the "Kadhi trilogy"

I am back from my annual holiday ...refreshed, and with the kids packed off to my mothers home in India , I can resume this beautiful journey with food. In my last post, my aunt, Bulbul Mami, (who is by the way the only one who still calls me by my pet name! ), had requested me to post the recipe of Sindhi Kadhi. I wanted to find the most authentic recipe , as possible and so am posting two recipes for her ,one is from my aunt, Rashmi's(Masi's) home who resides in Mumbai and the other is from the Master Chef, Kunal Kapur, who needs no introduction, all thanks to our friend Tapan Piplani who got us connected . Sindh was a part of mordern day Gujrat and Rajasthan states(west of India) and also
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