I have always been fascinated with the food that ‘was’. It has always held my intrigue. How my grandmother and her previous generations cooked or ate . What recipes did they follow ? And how they ate ? Till I was growing up, the food that we ate at home was how they ha...

Ah!  Christmas ... it’s surely cookie time ! 

Trying out different flours and grains is good for your health . This adds to your nutrient quotient and another jar on your kitchen shelf ! This time its Vegan and gluten free Coconut scented almond flour cookies .


December 21, 2019

Banyard Millet or  Sanwa / Samvat ke chawal or Jhangora is usually used in dishes during fasting days.  I cannot stress enough the "Health Benefits Of Millets ". Easily available here at Rootzorganics .

  • Millets are anti acidic Millets are gluten free

  • ...

This earthy and nutty grain was once a staple of the Maya , Inca and Aztec people. They call it a pseudo cereal but has comparable nutrients of a grain like wheat or oats. The seeds are actually botanical fruits and not seeds . Its gluten free, high in protein , fiber...

December 17, 2019

Bajra or Pearl Millet as known worldwide is probably one of the oldest cultivated grain the world before 3300 BC .It is grown widely in west India and consumed there very regularly. It’s gluten free and packed with nutrients  and often known as the cereal of rural Indi...

December 14, 2019

Ragi or Finger millet , probably made its way from Africa to India , supplementing the native millets, according to food historian K.T. Acharya in the 2000 BCE . 

Ragi , was first cultivated in Karnataka and has remained ever since the staple there, the most f...

December 12, 2019

And what if the cookie is a highly nutritious and a tasty one ?

Buckwheat, a pseudo cereal, is a three sided seed of a flowering  rhubarb plant and not from a grass ..probably one of the world’s oldest domesticated crops probably originating in Central Asia .

We have hea...

The peasant’s grain as it is commonly referred to, has been around since 3500-2000 B.C in the Korean Peninsula and has been mentioned in the ancient Vedic scriptures of India specifically identifying Finger , Banyard and Foxtail Millet indicating its consumption dating...

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