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Asha Shetty is now a proud owner of a  seafood speciality restaurant in Pune ,Coconut Grove and a  hospitality division , Coconut Grove Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai, India. All the recipes in her restaurant are authentic and original from the coastal areas of the south of India namely Mangalore.


Some of the recipes are modified with different spices related to specific coastal areas coupled with her own innovative cooking technique. She is the reciepient of  the prestigious award for the Pune Times Best Seafood Restaurant consecutively for the past 4 years. She is sharing the recipes of her signature dishes from her restaurant called Kundapur chicken curry /Gassi and Fish Bhatkal.


She is so passionate about cooking and food . We chatted for 3 hours about Food and Restaurants and didnt get bored at all! She wanted to learn about arabic food ..her zest for learrning was so evident at this age too.


She would go now and then to the kitchen to see if all was prepared and was making idlis while talking to me..

I am honoured that she could part with her two recipes that are very famous at her own restaurant and I do hope to visit her in Pune in the near future.



Kundapur Chicken 


This originates from the coastal town of Kundapur in Karnataka , South India, is fiery and is relished with rice, Neer Dosa(Rice crepes) or Kori Roti( a traditonal dish of the Tuvulas , tulu speaking people, served at special occasions ,similar to crisp dry wafers)






































1 kg chicken 

10 Red chillies, Byadagi(Known for their red colour,less spicy, used in Sounth Indian cooking)

6 Madras chillies(large , deep red colour chillies, very spicy)

2 tblsp coriander seeds, dhaniya 

2tsp cumin seeds, Jeera

1tsp pepper

1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds ,methi

2 tsp turmeric powder, haldi

12 cloves Garlic 

4 medium sliced and browned onions

1 onion , finely chopped

½  grated cocount 

1 tblsp Tamarind Paste,imli

2 cups thick coconut milk, fresh

2 tblsp oil 

Salt , to taste



I small onion, finely chopped

2 tbsps ghee

10 nos. curry leaves


To prepare:


1. Roast chillies and Remove.  Roast the coconut till half brown and keep aside.

2. Heat oil and brown the onions.

3. Grind together 1 & 2 along with all the spices mentioned above to a fine paste .

4. Cut the Chicken into medium sized pieces .

5. Add  1 onion finely chopped  along with the ground paste to the chicken with 1 cup water and salt to taste . Keep it on a high flame for 10 minutes after which cook on slow flame .

6. After chicken is cooked add 2 cups of thick coconut milk and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

7. Seasoning /Vagar - Heat ghee and add  finely chopped onion and curry leaves . Brown the onions and add it to the curry .


The Chicken is take out of the curry and served sperately and the curry is relished separately with neer dosa or kori roti.


Tip: Use Kashmiri Red chillies if you dont get Byadagi chillies.


 Kundapur curry 

Kundapur Chicken Sukha (dry)

Neer Dosa with Kundapur Chicken Curry

Fish Bhatkal 

Spicy fish curry



3 pomfrets each cut into 3 slices .


For the Paste:

½  coconut 

10  red chilies, Byadagi

2 tblsp coriander seeds, dhaniya

1 tblsp cumin seeds, jeera

¼  tsp fenugreek seeds, methi

1 tblsp pepper corn 

3 pinch of carom seeds,ajwain 

1 tsp turmeric ,haldi 

8 small cloves of garlic 

1 small onion, finely chopped


4 nos. green chillies

1 inch ginger

2 cups thick coconut milk , fresh if possible

2 tblsp tamarind paste , imli

Salt to taste


Method : 


1. Roast all the spices for the paste(as above) and fry the onion till translucent  ,then grind to paste with the roasted spices

2. Mix the paste with salt and half cup water. Add chopped 4 green chillies and 1 inch ginger and bring to boil . After one boil add sliced fish and cook .When fish is cooked add the coconut milk and cook for 3 minutes and remove . Adjust seasoning and stir in the tamarind paste.


Serve hot with steamed rice .


Italics /bold: are the Hindi names of spices






served with Neer Dosa

Soft fluffy idlis in the making

Vermicelli Kheer ,south Indian style finish off our meal

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