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Pillaimar Chicken Curry

 By Chef Swathishree Venkatesan, 14 April 2015


 Swathi is a Master Pastry Chef with over 20 years of experience of working in some of the finest kitchens across the world. She has worked in luxury hotels in India, boutique food and beverage company in London, lectured at Hospitality schools and have undertaken consulting assignments with hospitality firms mainly in the Continent, Dubai and in India.


Swathi is the Founder Director of Great Desserts Company in Gurgaon, where she runs professional classes in Bakery and Confectionery and a Boutique Pastry production house.


I met Swathi in college in 1993. She was my Senior and it was she who inspired me into the world of cooking. Later,we worked together at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai . It is my honour to have her as my first guest on my blog .






































Meen Pollichadu

Gently spiced whole fish poached in coconut milk 


By Anupa Mathews, 24th April 2015

Anupa firmly believes that 'what you eat makes you who you are'. During her childhood, she credits her mother with ensuring that they stayed healthy and avoided medicinal supplements by eating fresh, natural and home-made. Initially a reluctant chef, she discovered a fascination and flair for flavours and began experimenting with food at the age of 12.


Today, she strives to create a delicious, healthy and holistic diet for her family using the benefits of the Gluten Free, Paleo and GAPS diets. Anupa lives in the UAE, and strikes a happy balance between being a Social Media & Events Services professional, a Volunteer for Special Needs children, a devoted mother, and an avid movie buff.


I met Anu(fondly called!) at my first job here in Dubai . She would sit opposite me at our office . We would gaze at all the food pictures at her desktop since she would be designing menus for the restaurants ...I guess it was food that brought us closer as friends! I was so happy that she has contributed one of her yummiest and most precious recipes for my blog.


Kundapur Chicken Curry and Fish Bhatkal

From the coast of Mangalore,India


By Asha Shetty, Restaurateur , Coconut Grove , Pune , India


May 11th , 2015

Asha Shetty a science graduate and has graduated in F&B Management in the Catering field of hospitality . She is a Foodie and has been collecting receipes since the age of 14 but never cooked as her mom would'nt let them do so. She started cooking only after her marriage .


She is the mother of a dear friend of mine in Dubai. When she mentioned that she would be visiting Dubai , I requested her if I could meet her and taste her delights for my blog.



Khato Lot (bajra), Patuda, Handvo and Muthiya

Gujrati delights from a Grandmothers kitchen


By Maheshwari Patel


May 25th , 2015

She is a mother , mother in law and a grandmother who loves to cook and feed.Born and brought up in Africa, she completed her college in Baroda in Gujrat, India.

After her marriage , she came to Dubai and ever since she has made Dubai her home.


She loves gardening apart from feeding her family!


She is very passionate about cooking and loves to try out new recipes from books, the internet and cooking shows on tv.


She is the grandmom of my sons' friend at school and this is how I met was a pleasure to see her in the kitchen, so alive and with all her love she demonstarted so many Gujrati delights for me.

Chicken Pita 


By Sidiqa Sohail , owner 


August  3rd , 2015


Sidiqa or Chef Sid , 24 years old, who owns Spontiphoria (  - A Dubai based boutique and cafe , has a degree in International Relations ,loves baking , cats and a good book!


I bumped into her at her cafe one afternoon...seeing this lovely chef behind the counter ,we got chatting..and did'nt realise the time! 


I have got hooked to her delicious desserts and coffee and my kids love her cafe food!

She is a busy chef and am grateful that she could spare some time to share a recipe with me .

Taking Picture of Food

Aspiring to be a blogger



March 2018


Read Little Raneems recipe of Cupcakes ...a talk in my childs school led to a budding blogger!


Roasted Leg of Lamb


By Muna Sawhney


September 2018


The Master Chef of Mussoorie, my aunt, has the most simple but delicious recipes ever! They are all home-styled dishes but you will be never disappointed by the flavours you get to savour at her table. Her passion for cooking is evident and has published a mini booklet of her recipes, one that I was gifted last year! Am privileged to showcase one of the many delights...







Screenshot 2020-08-30 at 11.02.32 AM.png

Plant based Vegan Modaks

By Smita Vaidyanathan

September 2020

Go Vegan with Plant based Modaks ..a recipe for keeps for next Ganesh festival Dubai's wellness consultant , Smita Vaidyanathan, an author and a lifestyle coach. Must try her healthy and delicious recipes and discover your healthy self.

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