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“You cannot get an influence from the cuisine of a country if you don’t          understand it. You’ve got to study it.”– Chef Ferran Adria

Its all about food at Chandini Chowk, Old Delhi , India

March 2015


As my first ,”Food Space “ as I would like to call it , I would like to share with you the gastronomical magic of Chandini Chowk, in the heart of Old Delhi where I would like to think that the true dilliwallas(People from Delhi) reside.

The summer of 2014 , was a truly a treat for me as I booked a food tour with Anubhav Sapra's Delhi Food Walks.( You must book a food walk with him if you are in Delhi at  My little sister is a foodie too and loves her nihari’s and kebabs..thus it wasn’t difficult for me to find a companion especially when I mentioned my wish to take the food walk inside Delhi’s food paradise .

Street Food and traditions from the Pink City, Jaipur, India

April 2015


This spring, I visited Jaipur, the land of forts, Maharajas , doorways, and the colour Pink...But I was there to explore and to soak in the history,culture and tradition of its cusine especially street food . Meeting the innovators of famous Rajasthani specials and owners of landmark food places was a treat for me. Read on to start a journey with me to this rich and vibrant land...

The City of Nawabs, "Aadab"(respect) and Kebabs, Lucknow, India

August 2015

Let me take you to my version of this beautiful gastronomical delight called Lucknow..its Nawab culture, sumptuous biryanis and kebabs in every nook and corner and street food second to none........



A taste of London...It's fresh markets and lanes where traditions live...

September  2015

A summer in England is a foodies delight...roam the famous Borough Market tasting freshness and experiencing traditions...where the old embraces the new....

Ho Chi Minh or Saigon... Eat your way through...
December 2016 

A Winter in Ho Chi Minh, a walk through its food markets and explore the cities' gems..a view through my eyes.

Amritsar ...Land of the Golden Temple and a city of pure feasts
July  2017

A food walk like never before....a unique food culture in a city that has seen years of violence now submerges itself in peace.

Cote du Rhone ...a wine journey at the Roasted Coast
September 2017

Winery Hopping with Vincent  of Lyon Wine Tours who helped me discover the wines of one of the oldest and steepest regions in France

Finding flavours and more at the Old City in Hyderabad 
July 2018

Experience the burst of colours and flavours in the Old city of Hyderabad, India, from Biryanis to Chai .

A walk in the clouds and Nizami grandeur at the Faluknama Palace , Hyderabad , India
September 2018

A walk through one of Indias grandest palace and savouring a meal like a royal!

Oh ! Calcutta ..You truly are a city of joy 
December 2018

Explore street food and more , surviving through the centuries...ever-evolving but still maintaining its old world charm.

A Culinary Jewel by the Agean
January 2019

A food walk in Athens and a glimpse of the simple Greek culinary pleasures across the islands ...bringing back these onto my table at home.

Food Walks with my Daughter - To New York with Love
September 2020

 Series 1: A walk in East Village and a slice of Little Italy 

chand chowk 13.jpg
An Open letter to Jehanara Begum - A walk in Chandini Chowk during the Panemic
October  2021
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