Every Father leaves a legacy..

Well , as the Google doodle was a Cactus Daddy like the Cactus Mom on Mother’s day and to honour our Dads as much as our Mums..I decided to honour my father with a post as I had, my Mum. My Dad is a foodie and when he comes down to feeding you, you better have an appetite. Mango season in India , would bring cartons and cartons of Mangoes to our home as my Dad would pay his weekly visits to the wholesale market. As soon as the cartons would be stacked up, half would be given away to friends and family and the other would reach our table. One particular Mango variety that I couldn’t ever forget was the Totapuri. Forget the Alphonsos, the Langdas, the Badamis, Dasheri, Chausa...move in the T

The King of Zaiqa- The Timeless Biryani

I have always wanted to learn how to prepare a delicious Biryani .The fragrance and tastes of the one's that I have experienced in Chandini Chowk , Delhi and Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh in India , had left me speechless. It’s a one dish wonder, needs no support from other dishes and can satiate ones hunger alone. Biryani is derived from Birian , a Farsi word , meaning Fried. It was a dish that was gifted to India by the Mughals and to this day , it is relished and enjoyed everywhere. The two most popular Biryanis in India are found in Hyderabad and Lucknow , though there are as many as 10 different regional varieties or maybe more. In Hyderabad, they use raw chicken which is cooked with the ri

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