Hope for Sweet Beginings this New Year

Be the light of your life…Sadhguru Diwali or Deepavali was celebrated in the ancient land of Ayodhya where earthen lamps were lit to mark the arrival of its beloved prince Lord Ram with his wife, Sita and brother Lakshman after 14 years of exile. For them, it was the beginning of a rule of justice, happiness and truth, ending an age of darkness. This Diwali , the Golden Temple in the city of Amritsar (in North India) which is known for its beautiful lighting on Diwali night…did not illuminate itself to mark an age of Darkness… all Gurudwaras (holy place of the Sikh community) around the world decided not to mark the occasion following recent incidents of sacrilege of the Sikh holy book, the

Welcoming the Goddess...celebrating prosperity and courage

It's all about victory of good over evil...a celebration of courage..welcoming auspiciousness and remembering home ... Narkasur , the demon , had fought against neighbouring kings and imprisoned 16,000 women, daughters of the Gods and saints. He had also defeated Lord Indra(known as the king of the Gods) and taken away the magnificient "kundale" (earrings) from the ears of Aditi, mother of the Gods. When Lord Krishna learnt about Narakasur’s deeds, he decided to engage him in battle and liberate all the celestials. On hearing of this proposed battle Satyabhama, Lord Krishna’s wife, took this task upon herself and with his help killed Narkasur with Krishna’s sudarshana chakra (a w

Illuminate your inner self this Diwali

"Who looks outside dreams,Who looks inside awakes"........Carl Jung In my home in Delhi , in the 80’s , Diwali meant school holidays, a buzz at all markets with Diwali greetings glaring at us all over the city , bags of crackers stored away for the big night and a corner kept at our home free for all the various gifts that would fill up the space in no time. My grandmother, aunt and mother would analyse each gift ,open some and pass some on ..Our home was full of laughter and excitement before Diwali… Last week when I called my mother , and I asked her whether she was gearing up for Diwali, all she said was, “ Diwali always meant, to be with family praying together, the children’s laughter a

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