Aswini's Millet and Coconut Neer Dosa

' Nature teaches us simplicity and contentment because in it's presence we realize we need very little to be happy '- Mark Coleman Dosa's or south Indian savoury pancakes can be eaten at any time of the day. Typically a breakfast dish , these can be savoured for lunch or dinner too. Since the 12th Century , Dosa's have been prepared in South India. Now it has spread world over .Neer Dosa , which means Water Dosa , is usually made of rice batter , a delicacy of Mangalorean Cuisine. Aswini's initiative to spread wonderful, simple and healthy recipes are the need of the hour now. Today I prepared a very light dosa with millets , similar to the Neer Dosa , but packed with nutrition. You may serv

Eat light ... with the changing season

Since home now is our refuge and can only limit ourselves to certain exercises , we must eat light and healthy. Try to reconsider your meals , timings , portion sizes and limit your food intake in terms of number of meals. As winter turns into spring , I seem to remember the simple but oh so delicious and heart warming meals my nanny would prepare for us .She would always be at home , waiting for us as we came back from school , from college , from work or when we would visit our homes after our marriages..Probably the first words on our lips as we entered through the door was ...'Bua ...where are you?' We knew she would always be there. Now that we are home bound , we are all missing her pr

Together in such times...and then the Lasagna

The reason why Garfield's original owner, Mamma Leoni ,sold him to a pet store was attributed to his love for Lasagna. Davis , the creator of Garfield , wanted to first create Pizza as Garfield’s favorite since it was easier to draw, but stuck to lasagna since he was an all time fan. And so in 1978 , with Garfield , Lasagna too became an all time favourite of many worldwide and popular as family meal. But the first reported Lasagna probably dates back to the 14th Century , in Naples, during the Middle ages . It bore a slight resemblance to the modern day version where fermented dough was flattened into thin sheets , then boiled, sprinkled with cheese and spices, and then eaten with a small

Remembering my Grandfather ...with a bowlful of gratitude

Today is my grandfather's birthday and a very special man he was. Fondly called by us .. Daddyji, a doctor by profession , he was a WHO expert in Afghanistan on anti Malaria operations . Then back in India he worked as the Director of Anti Malaria operations and then retired as the Additional Director General of Health , Government of India . I celebrate him and his work today.We have realized it was so significant then and more so now. Here's to all the medics and health care workers who tirelessly work for keeping nations healthy. May they find the time to share a bowlful of lovingly made food with their families. He was very fond of good food and my grandmother cooked for him some of her

Chinese Classics

The best takeaway while growing up was Chinese ...I would always wonder how would it feel to eat out of those paper boxes with my chopsticks that I would often see in the movies ...We still hadn't got those in India in the 80's . We were very fortunate enough to have Chinese takeaway treats often , thanks to my Dad , who would bring in some delicious food home, from some of Delhi's delicious Chinese restaurants. So Chinese still remains our favourite takeaway and delivery option . Dedicating this post to the millions of people who gave us our favourite dishes , standing in solidarity in these times, I am cooking what we relish at home nowadays. There are many recipes for these floating arou

In times such as these...the Tahcheen, To Persia with Love

I may have regretted many things , one of them being not to have visited Persia or Iran . I have often dreamed about Isfahan , Shiraz and Tabriz , the beautiful mosques , the domes , where my favourite colour blue has been personified there , where one of the most loved poets Rumi danced his way ...Persia has given me and the world so much beauty, even if its in my dreams....Oh Persia! , was one of the most glorious cultures dating back to 2000 B.C . It has been conquered by many and the Greeks, Turks , Romans or Babylonians have carried with them influences of its cuisine and culture back to their own lands. It is an ancient culture and land that stretched to modern day India from where th

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