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Aswini's Millet and Coconut Neer Dosa

' Nature teaches us simplicity and contentment because in it's presence we realize we need very little to be happy '- Mark Coleman

Dosa's or south Indian savoury pancakes can be eaten at any time of the day. Typically a breakfast dish , these can be savoured for lunch or dinner too. Since the 12th Century , Dosa's have been prepared in South India. Now it has spread world over .Neer Dosa , which means Water Dosa , is usually made of rice batter , a delicacy of Mangalorean Cuisine.

Aswini's initiative to spread wonderful, simple and healthy recipes are the need of the hour now.

Today I prepared a very light dosa with millets , similar to the Neer Dosa , but packed with nutrition. You may serve it with Sambhar , a spiced Toor Daal(pigeon pea) mixed with vegetables delight and some Coconut Chutney .

When activity is not as much as it used to be , try making healthy choices most of the time. We have a good opportunity to teach our little ones that healthy can be delicious too. Today's Breakfast was very easy to prepare , light but delicious thanks to Rootz Organics for making wholesome grains available to us .


1 cup Barnyard or Little Millet , soaked for at least 4 hrs . You may soak overnight too.

1/2 cup freshly shredded coconut

1/4 cup cooked white rice

3/4 tsp salt


To prepare:

1. Drain the Millet and keep aside .

2. Grind the coconut in a mixer and then add the millet to it. You may add a bit of water to it to facilitate the grinding.

3. Add the rice and grind again.

4. Transfer the batter to a bowl and you may add water to make it into a smooth batter . Add salt.

5. Heat a pan and add a few drops of Ghee . Pour some batter and spread it thin . Let it cook on one side . This take 1-2 minutes if the pan is hot.

6. Flip it and cook the other side .

7. Serve hot , crisp with Coconut chutney .


Please Note : - You may cover the dosa and cook it too.

Make sure the batter is on the thinner side .

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