Kadhi ...it's all about the Pakoras!

Kadhi was one of the few dishes at my childhood home that matched Rajma , in terms of the frequency of turning up at the dining table. It was always given a thumbs up because of the delicious, crisp pakoras that were made along with it . When I was young (and of course naughty!), when I realised Kadhi was being prepared, I would always be on the lookout for the pakoras that were made alongside. Somehow I couldn’t bear to dunk the pakoras in the Kadhi and eat it …what was the use of the crispness and texture of the yummy pakoras if one has to make them all soft and soggy! But that is the way Kadhi pakodas are served. My grandmother and my nanny knew that I loved the pakoras and so my nanny(w

The truth about Roghanjosh

Since childhood, we were used to eating Mutton curry cooked with onions, ginger, garlic and lots of whole garam masala and spices to get real rich curries. Smells of bhuna spices with whiffs of ginger and garlic would encompass our kitchens announcing the cooking of rich mutton dishes. I wasn’t particularly fond of red meat but since it was often prepared at home , I developed a taste for it. My knowledge of mutton curries was limited to the usual heavy Punjabi thick gravy style dishes made at home. It was only when I entered the hospitality industry as a teenager , did I realise that there is a whole wide world of styles in which mutton can be cooked . I remember I was taken to the only Kas

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