Cool off this summer with Mango Ice cream

Cool off this summer with delicious home made Ice cream from fresh Alphonso mangoes and Jaggery used in the recipe ...just loving it ! Alphonso Ice cream Ingredients 500 ml whipping cream 2 large or 3 nos. medium sized Alphonoso mangoes 1 cup Jaggery 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract To Prepare : 1. Take the whipping cream and beat it with an electronic beater till sot peaks are formed. 2. Take out the pulp from the mangoes and add jaggery and vanilla essence to it. Blend till it is smooth . 3.Fold in the whipped cream and pour into a container to be kept in the freezer. Cover with lid or with beeswax cover very tightly. 4. After 5 hours, take it out of the container and whip again till the volume dou

To Serve with Love ...remembering my dearest Grandmother

She was synonymous of the word love , as most grandchildren think their grandparents to be . But she was different to most . Her poise , grace and how she viewed life were all unique. I can still feel her warm lap, her hand on my head to raise it for me to sip my milk, being bathed by her before dawn on cold winter days of Delhi and the most heartwarming for me was to be fed by her...she knew all my favourite dishes and would call me always when she would cook them to taste them...I miss her . We all do . There was one thing I learnt from her was her ability to serve with love. Her food was full of this special ingredient ....and it made it very special. She would always call me when luchi's

A brownie that started it all!

Conde Nast revealed the famous brownie that started it all.. Kainaz Messaman , the creative genius of Theobroma ,started off with a tiny outlet in Mumbai's Colaba neighborhood which turned into a chain of patisseries and cafes across Mumbai and later Delhi and Pune . This Heirloom recipe is a must try surely is the Food of the Gods! I loved the fact that it was easy , used no baking powder and I replaced the all purpose flour with oats flour and the castor sugar with Jaggery and blended half of the walnuts to a fine powder and added it to the batter ...You may try it with replacing the eggs with flax seeds too was as delicious . Do make sure not to over bake it . Theobroma's Bro

Weaving travel dreams to Coorg savouring its famous Egg Curry with potatoes accompanied with Hyderab

Coorg , nestled in the Western Ghats of India is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas and often known as the Scotland of India. With panoramic views and a refreshingly cool climate, a destination that I have always wished to travel to,but unfortunately haven't got the opportunity as yet. It holds a very special place and am hoping my next destination when I travel to India would be Coorg. The Coorgs or Kodavas are a warrior tribe , contributed much to the military might of India and are thought to be descendants of people of Kurdistan and Kashmir . One of the oldest coffee plantations in India is here. Today I tried the famous Coorgi Egg curry with potatoes . And I wanted to keep

Streets know your stories...while they serve you Bun Kebabs and Bhutta

Today is a very special day ...and to celebrate it in a small way , I served up some Spiced Lentil Bun Kebabs with barbecued corn , in freshly baked wholegrain buns..thinking of all the beautiful and empty streets worldwide that otherwise would be teeming with eager vendors and foodies. Streets have many stories to tell ..and know your stories ...and along the way , they serve you with fare that becomes a part of the city and way of life for most . Eat light and stay safe ! Spiced Lentil Bun Kebabs Ingredients ¼ cup Chana daal, soaked 3 nos. potatoes, boiled and mashed 3 egg whites beaten to soft peaks 4 tblsp ghee 6-8 tblsp oil 6 tsp tamarind sauce 6 tsp green chutney 6 tsp tomato ketchup o

Chaar Magaz ki Khatti Daal and Bharwaan Baingan ...from the ancient courts of India

Kayastha is a community of India , spread across its length and breadth now , earlier occupied powerful positions in it's various courts ,thus their cuisines came to be known as the courtly cuisine. They were known to be well educated and are believed to have their own script called the Kaithi ,widespread mainly in northwest of India till the east in Bihar , where it was used for legal writing , administrative and private records during the 16-19th centuries. Their cuisine, though diverse , had a mainly Muslim influence as it was dominated by red meats and masalas and the styles of cooking like 'dum'. Since my vegetable garden had grown some wonderful and colorful aubergines I wanted to mak

Celebrating Special Friendships with Chana Rijai ...

After settling in Dubai, I made a few wonderful friends from different parts of the world.I learnt there are no boundaries when it comes to friendships..much like how we can travel to any kitchen around the world by cooking a dish originating from anywhere...a friend's mothers or a well known chef's recipes from a distant land. I was gifted a beautiful recipe book by a special friend called Summers Under the Tamarind Tree by Sumayya Usmani , who was passed on this recipe by a friend whose father is from Attock , Pakistan. Dedicating it to all my dear friends , who have crossed all boundaries ;I have picked this recipe simply because it is what friendships usually are ; uncomplicated and eas

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