Create a spirit of love and endearment this Ramadan at Gursha

Feeding some one else with your hands act of endearment ...That's what Gursha an Ethopian restaurant at Palm Jumeira , Dubai is all about . Beautiful views , with well thought of interiors , Gursha definitely scored on the ambience. At Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeira The Outdoors offer beautiful views to enjoy Ethopian coffee and shisha. The Interiors - with Ethopian cloth with traditional colours and designs hanging from the ceiling , the amaharic script behind the bar, beautifully painted artifacts used in daily life , photos showing the Ethopian way of life and people ...all came together to create an ambience worth the visit. The Iftar preview was simple but delicious . The Iftar men

More Reds and Facts about Ageing...

[endif]--Its time to discover two more red grape varieties ...I do hope you did get a chance to enjoy the aromas of the previous reds as featured. And even if you did not, give it time and it surely become a part of your senses.The key is to keep tasting and trying out different regions and vintages. Malbec pronounced as (Maal – beck) You have tried a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Syrah , hopefully by now. And maybe you would not want to invest too much in tasting a wine So there is another good option to try , a Malbec. This is a red grape variety grown mostly in Argentina today, but gaining popularity worldwide. Malbec, a thick skinned grape, was grown earlier in the France in Cohors , an are

A Miracle I call Mom ..

The Miracle I call , Mom ... You were the first person I knew...much before I knew myself. Your eyes saw a perfect being ,Your touch was as gentle as you, Your smile lit up a thousand skies. Mom, You were the first person I knew... Your protective glance , your strong stance, the holidays at your home ..... The travel , the love , the long distance stays, are the ones that have built us today! My growing up years were full of joy , instilling us with confidence , strength and independence Always at a distance, letting us bloom ,guiding us in your own way.. It’s time now, as you start to look inwards , you will shine forever in our hearts..leaving us with your fragrance that you spread ...aro

Boost your energy with Banana Bread..

I have always loved has been my favorite fruit ever since I was a child. I would eat a dozen bananas daily while cartwheeling all over the house..and maybe double that amount in my maternal grandparents home where I was introduced to the smaller variety called 'Elaichi' ... I guess that gave me the instant energy ! My Dad always reminds me of my wish, when I was asked what I wanted to eat when we were in Disney world in the midst of all the lovely fruit available at that time ... yes it was the humble banana! I would eat bananas in custard and drink banana shake and loved toffee banana at Asian restaurants in Lagos ....but I did not eat banana bread... So today I prepared delic

Who doesn't want a brownie!

Baking cakes and brownies for children brings about a certain joy that one cannot describe ...The sparkle in her eyes and the smile that breaks out on my daughter's face when she sees the cake box -full is a treat to watch ...that's why I bake and its therapeutic too ...I always am in the 'now' whilst baking..carefully adding all the ingredients , mixing them and enjoy watching the mix of ingredients rise as they come together in the oven...all are simple joys of life. I am always on the lookout for easy cake recipes and this one just takes over 25 minutes Enjoy it with ice cream , custard, fresh cream or fruits ....who would not want one? Just baked.... Easy Chocolate Brownies Ingredients:

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