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Create a spirit of love and endearment this Ramadan at Gursha

Feeding some one else with your hands act of endearment ...That's what Gursha an Ethopian restaurant at Palm Jumeira , Dubai is all about .

Beautiful views , with well thought of interiors , Gursha definitely scored on the ambience.

At Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeira

The Outdoors offer beautiful views to enjoy Ethopian coffee and shisha.

The Interiors - with Ethopian cloth with traditional colours and designs hanging from the ceiling , the amaharic script behind the bar, beautifully painted artifacts used in daily life , photos showing the Ethopian way of life and people ...all came together to create an ambience worth the visit.

The Iftar preview was simple but delicious . The Iftar menu will concentrate more on the Middle Eastern influences over Ethopian cuisine during Ramadan to provide a wholesome fare to enjoy Iftars.If you would like a entire Ethopian experience do try the alacarte menu , you will not be disapointed.

Taking out time to eat and feeding your loved ones , is sure is a beautiful tradition ....and Gursha reminds you of that. Usually food is served in large platters and sharing is encouraged....which is a part of the ala Carte Menu.

Cheese , chicken and vegetable samosas , Chicken and Vegetable Spring Rolls with dates , toasted almonds and raisins with various dips such as Avacado and Mitmita Labne build your appetite for the next course.

The samosas and other small bites are a representation from the Middle eastern influence ..

Buticha Bites made of a dense ball of fried chickpea ....

Mitmita Labne is a dip made with Mitmita spice is a powdered seasoning mix used in Ethiopian cuisine ,contains ground African birdseye chili peppers, cardamom seed, cloves and salt. It occasionally has other spices, including, but not limited to, cinnamon, cumin and ginger.

The Dip wasn't spicy at all and was a perfect accompaniment to the Roast Chicken

The Dorro sauce served with the Roast Chicken was a beautiful ,fiery ,deep red colour which is a blend of many spices including , cumin , coriander, cayenne, cloves, cinnamon, allspice ,ginger, garlic, onions,black pepper and paprika to name a few...who said Ethopian food is bland!!!

It usually is cooked with the Chicken pieces and Egg , for hours and is one of the most famous dishes one comes across if you ever travel to Ethopia.

The Roast Chicken was nice and mildly spiced , flavourful and very tender.

The Mutton broth was mild and light , delicious with the Injera dipped in!

The Lentil soup, made of green lentils reminded me of the daal I cook at home , very filling and tasty.

Injera is made from a grain known as teff, which is ground into flour, made into a batter, slightly fermented, and then fried on a heavy skillet into a giant circular pancake. The texture is soft and spongy and the flavor is lightly sour. Injera is served automatically when you order a main dish at an Ethopian restaurant.

This Ramadan , treat your family and friends to a different style of dining , , sharing platters with a true sense of "Gursha" .

Ramadan Kareem

Location: Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeira.

Buffet Priced at 175 for adults , and 50 % discount for children , you may book your table between sunset to 9 p.m . Ala carte also available.


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