Awakening tradition at Paul and Eately

Christmas is at around the corner.....and I was invited to savour the festive fare on offer at Paul and Eately at the Dubai Mall. There are lots of restaurants in Dubai who aim to grace your christmas dinner tables with the most delicious food , but Paul and Eately have Christmas flavours that could bring real cheer to you and your family. For more than 125 years, PAUL has been celebrating traditional festive occasions and ensuring that they become unforgetable moments of shared pleasure. The spread at Paul was an amazing mix of breads, canapes, roast turkey , salmon and and their famous desserts.Such and treat.. Fantasy breads are one of the specialities of PAUL , whose knowhow and bakers'

Lots to smile about at Johnny Rockets

A 5 yrl old's dream to set up a restaurant where quality rather then speed of service or low prices was given importance ...came into being after Ronn Tietlebaum sold his succesful mens fashion company ,to open Johnny Rockets in 1986 in the heart of Los Angeles.He named it after combining the timeless American " Johnny Appleseed" legend with the name of his favourite car, the classic Oldsmobile Rocket 88. Johnny Rockets , UAE , has added new menu items and I was invited to a bloggers event to have a taste of what the American casual diner had in store for us. There are many American gourmet burger chains in UAE now as opposed to when they established here 19 years ago. So there is more compe

Welcoming Winter ...

Come winter with that nip in the air, and I would see dark red carrots in my grandmother’s kitchen. In no time, they would be all chopped up and I would see them drying in the sun outside. My only memory of a pickle when I was growing up was of a pickle made of dark carrots, turnips and cauliflower - a winter pickle - which was my favourite. It would be made every winter when these special dark carrots were available. My grandmother knew that I favoured the carrots in the pickle and she would make it a point to add more carrots than turnips or cauliflower pieces….only for me. These were the small things that told me how much she cared and loved me and that’s all I sought at that age. She w

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