The Absence of Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa)

It was always Semolina Halwa that was the star at my grandmothers kitchen. Gajar or carrot Halwa had a special appearance now and then, maybe at parties or when someone would request for it from her or due to the fact that fresh winter carrots that would make themselves so readily available during the cold months that one would be forced to think of the delicious halwa that could be prepared with them. And that's exactly how I prepared the halwa that was always absent on our table. Dark red carrots lay in front of me in the aisle of my supermarket when I was looking for the orange variety . And I did not think twice , grabbed some in my trolley , ready for some warm Gajar ka Halwa to make a

The Rice Debate ...Brown or White ?

If there has been one question on my mind it is ..when will I switch to brown rice? For starters , I have always savoured white rice. The pulaos, biryanis , tehris or even the delicious and simple steamed rice cakes or idlis would all be prepared with white rice . And there is no harm in doing so , just that i am aware that it isn't going to give me any kind of nutrition . To put it very simply , brown rice contains the whole grain ,including the germ and the bran while white rice is devoid of those. Due to these , differences in nutritional value arise between them, such as Brown rice contains more fibre ,which would mean 100 gms of brown rice would give you 1.8 gms of fibre as opposed to

Lohri Delights

Wishing all a very happy Lohri ... the harvest festival of North India to welcome longer sunny days . As children , we never did miss our annual Lohri festival . Wood for the bonfire at home was always ready a day before the 13 th and my grandmother , mother and aunt had trays of goodies like nuts , chikki and popcorn prepared for us to nibble and throw into the fire . Our little hands trying to grab the ones we loved to savory. Those cold winter January evenings will always be remembered when we sat around the mighty fire thanking for the winter days  and welcoming the sun . It was always about being together as a family which made it more special . So this Lohri I prepared a peanut and ses

Little Millet Big on Nutrition

'Always start your day early and with a healthy breakfast' is good mantra to abide by ...incorporating millets in our everyday diet has been life changing . Little Millet , also know by many other names in India like samai , kutki ,sava or gajro , it has bundles of nutrition. Mostly consumed as rice, this healthy grain is gluten free, high on protein , dietary fibre and low on carbohydrates. It contains high phosphorus content and is rich in antioxidants promoting health by keeping diseases such as cardio vascular, cancer , gastrointestinal problems , cataract and inflammation at bay. Little Millet from Rootz Organics in Dubai - Easy to purchase via their website www.rootzorganics

A New Year Treat

Edible Flower pressed Oat cookies are definitely a New Year Treat ! Use the Oat cookie recipe already in the blog .Before baking , press an edible flower each on a cookie gently . Amaze your loved ones with a special cookie treat

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