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Little Millet Big on Nutrition

'Always start your day early and with a healthy breakfast' is good mantra to abide by ...incorporating millets in our everyday diet has been life changing .

Little Millet , also know by many other names in India like samai , kutki ,sava or gajro , it has bundles of nutrition. Mostly consumed as rice, this healthy grain is gluten free, high on protein , dietary fibre and low on carbohydrates. It contains high phosphorus content and is rich in antioxidants promoting health by keeping diseases such as cardio vascular, cancer , gastrointestinal problems , cataract and inflammation at bay.

Little Millet from Rootz Organics in Dubai - Easy to purchase via their website

Like I did with Banyard Millet , I prepared Little Millet idlis.. a healthy start to the day . It takes a few minutes to soak the grains , so plan ahead your weekly intake of varied grains in your daily meals.

Little Millet Idlis


2 cups little millet

1/2 cup Urad Daal , Black gram -skinned and split

1/2 tsp Fenugreek seeds

1/4 cup Poha or flattened rice flakes or Sago Pearls(sabudana) , I used brown rice flakes



To prepare:

1. Wash and soak Little Millet in clear water. Similarly , wash and soak urad daal and fenugreek seeds together in a bowl for 4-5 hours

2.Soak the rice flakes or poha half and hour before you start grinding the grains. If you are using sago pearls , then soak them for 4-5 hours also, along with the little millet.

3. Drain the water from both the bowls and grind the urad daal with the fenugreek seeds in a mixer grinder adding a little water till its lights and fluffy. Remove to a new bowl.

4. In the same mixer, add the soaked and drained little millet with the rice flakes or the sago pearls. Add little water when grinding and prepare a slightly course paste. the rice flakes or sago pearls give a soft texture to the idlis.

5. Cobine both batters and add salt. Make sure this batter isn't too thick or thin. Cover and keep overnight for 8-10 hours.

6. After fermentation , the batter would have doubled its size..

7. Grease the idli plates in the steamer and add a tablespoon of batter in each mould .Steam for 8-10 minutes. Remove the plates from the steamer and allow to cool. Dip your spoon in water and carefully remove each idli from their moulds.

8. Serve hot with fresh coconut chutney or sambhar.(spiced lentils)

If you don't have an idli steamer, do invest in it . It is available at any hypermarket .

You can keep the batter in an airtight container in the fridge but make sure to let the batter come to room temperature before using it , otherwise the idlis can be chewy.

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