Desi Food and Drama's!

While on American sitcoms , one sees the actors gorge on pizzas , burgers , pancakes , and their kitchens stocked with canned food and cereal boxes , on desi shows , one only sees home cooked food at their tables , endless chai and coffee rounds and 'nashta' being served . Paranthas (griddle fried bread) are a very common fare ..which sadly are usually eaten once in a while now in urban areas. Very rarely would one see a child desperately asking his parents for a treat to a pizza , ice cream or a burger. Adults refrain from such food , unless the shot is at a cafe or an international restaurant. While watching these dramas, I am most intrigued by what is on their tables ...the biryanis , pu

Ladoos for all Ladoo Gopals

Today and tomorrow , in some parts of India , the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated who was a very naughty child and loved his sweets and dairy. For all the Ladoo Gopals , in my case its my daughter , here is an offering of Jowar or Sorghum and Sama or Little Millet Ladoos. I prepare them with Jaggery so there would be colour variations. Thank you to @themillettable for her wonderful recipe of Jowar ladoo, tweaked a bit . And I took the cue from there to make the Little millet laddo. Jowar or Shorgum ladoos Ingredients 1 cup Jowar and Sorghum flour 1 cup Jaggery powder 1/8 tsp cardamom powder 1/4 cup water 3 tbsp chopped dry fruits - i used pistachio, walnuts and almonds To Prepare 1. Dry

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