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Desi Food and Drama's!

While on American sitcoms , one sees the actors gorge on pizzas , burgers , pancakes , and their kitchens stocked with canned food and cereal boxes , on desi shows , one only sees home cooked food at their tables , endless chai and coffee rounds and 'nashta' being served . Paranthas (griddle fried bread) are a very common fare ..which sadly are usually eaten once in a while now in urban areas. Very rarely would one see a child desperately asking his parents for a treat to a pizza , ice cream or a burger. Adults refrain from such food , unless the shot is at a cafe or an international restaurant.

While watching these dramas, I am most intrigued by what is on their tables ...the biryanis , pulaos , curries , kebabs and delicious desi breakfasts ... yum! . There should be a disclaimer or a warning for sudden hunger pangs that can occur and urges to eat a second breakfast or lunch .

But this post is about an omlette...a must try.I came upon it on one of the cooking shows,hosted by a well known actress and it was delish ! She usually cooks these on her shoots wherever possible ... Since I realised I share my love of eggs with her ... I couldn't resist the temptation. She cooks double fried eggs sprinkled with fresh red chilli flakes- kashmiri mirch. Go back to your roots ...Go back to your native foods and local foods... stay healthy and safe.

Stuffed Omlettes


2 nos. eggs

1 no. onion, finely chopped

1/1/2 nos. tomatoes , finely chopped

grated cheese , your choice . Please don't use processed cheese.

Salt ,pepper to taste

2 tbls of chopped coriander

Oil of your choice. Choose wisely.

To prepare

  1. Heat oil in a pan and add the onions and tomatoes . Cook till very soft and they shouldn't be burnt. You may lower the flame so that they cook slowly and well.

  2. Add seasoning to it and cook. Keep aside.

  3. Whisk 2 eggs in a bowl very well.

  4. Heat some oil again in the pan and spread the whisked eggs on it . Place the onion tomato mixture on the egg in a line in the middle and sprinkle the cheese on the sides.You may add coriander leaves if you want.

  1. Fold the egg into an omelette and cook for a further 2-3 minutes.

  2. Remove and serve hot with parantha or toast . I wrapped mine in a besan and ragi chila favourite !

Delicious ...You won't be disappointed !

1 Comment

Aug 31, 2020

Sunaina, what joy to read one of your posts after a loooong time! I love what you've written...even I'm always checking out what people are eating in dramas and movies haha! I always wonder how many times they might have had to take a bite for repeated takes! I agree--the difference between a Western and Eastern diet is quite stark, even in cinematic media. Thankful for the wholesomeness of our diets!

The omlette looks YUM! I could pretty much eat anda paratha any time of day or night. Complete meal and delicious to boot! While I love baking Western yeast-based breads, a good khasta paratha has no equal! :)

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