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Lohri Delights

Wishing all a very happy Lohri ... the harvest festival of North India to welcome longer sunny days . 

As children , we never did miss our annual Lohri festival . Wood for the bonfire at home was always ready a day before the 13 th and my grandmother , mother and aunt had trays of goodies like nuts , chikki and popcorn prepared for us to nibble and throw into the fire . Our little hands trying to grab the ones we loved to savory.

Those cold winter January evenings will always be remembered when we sat around the mighty fire thanking for the winter days  and welcoming the sun . It was always about being together as a family which made it more special . So this Lohri I prepared a peanut and sesame jaggery chikki laced with fennel . 

Ingredients :

1 cup peanuts (with or without husk )

1/2 cup organic Jaggery powder 

2 tblsp sesame seeds

11/2 tsp fennel powder 

2 tblsp  water 

To prepare : 

1. Roast the peanuts in a heavy bottomed wok till you see small black spots .

2. Keep aside to cool. 

3. If you are using peanuts without husk , try getting the roasted ones . 

4. Rub the peanuts within your palms when cool to take off the husk . 

5 mix with sesame seeds and keep ready . 

6. Grease a plate or tray and keep aside . Cut some parchment paper and keep aside. 

7. In the same wok , add the Jaggery ,fennel powder and water on a low flame . Keep stirring . 

8. Keep a bowl of cold water handy. 

9 . The Jaggery should be hard ball consistency i.e when you test it in the cold water it should be brittle and snap . 

10. Switch off the flame and mix the peanuts and sesame seeds . Stir fast and well . 

11. Spread it on the greased  tray or plate and place the parchment paper on it . 

12. Roll a rolling pin on it to spread it further . And flatten it . 

13 . Remove the paper, cut into squares and let it cool . 

14. Enjoy in the evening around a Lohri fire . 

Enjoy with home made nachni bites and rice puffs 


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