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Awakening tradition at Paul and Eately

Christmas is at around the corner.....and I was invited to savour the festive fare on offer at Paul and Eately at the Dubai Mall.

There are lots of restaurants in Dubai who aim to grace your christmas dinner tables with the most delicious food , but Paul and Eately have Christmas flavours that could bring real cheer to you and your family.

For more than 125 years, PAUL has been celebrating traditional festive occasions and ensuring that they become unforgetable moments of shared pleasure.

The spread at Paul was an amazing mix of breads, canapes, roast turkey , salmon and and their famous desserts.Such and treat..

Fantasy breads are one of the specialities of PAUL , whose knowhow and bakers' patrimony are uneaqualled.Each bread can add as an accompaniment to various dishes, to the absolute delight of your guests.

Pain de mie a toaster....To savour toasted or not , they will enhance your buffets

Pain aux noix ...Perfect accompaniment to strong flavoured cheese platte and cooked meats

Pain de seigle..To serve with oysters, shellfish and smoked fish

Pain 6 cereales figues..With its mix of 6 cereals and figs, its a perfect accompaniment to both foie gras and cheese

Aperitifs creatifs

No traditional Noel is complete without a welcome buffet and a pain-surprise.

Pain surprise brioche and Pain surpise ...24 mini croissants with filling of vegetables, smoked salmon, turkey and cheese and halloumi and cheese.

20 mini sandwiches with flling : camambert cheese, roast beef, smoked salmon , smoked turkey and tuna.

Pain Surprise

Baked Salmon Filet..with strawberry or apricot marmelade accompanied with sauteed vegetables

The Centerpiece ..Traditional Turkey

Traditional or oriental style...Served with Chestnut gravy

*both recommended 48 hrs advance notice

Desserts d'antan

With such delicious desserts to choose from...PAUL certainly knows how to rekindle wonderful memories whilst savoring the pretty La Vanile Framboise ...vanilla sponge with vanilla butter cream , rasberry filling and white chocolate; or a buchee chocolate..chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache; Charlotte fruits or Charlotte aux fruits surrounded by plain finger biscuits.

Gourmandise Partagee

Whethe it is to put a final touch to your table, the macaroons are a real treat and synonymous with shared pleasure!

And if you are looking for a gift for your loved ones...they have that covered too:)

As I left PAUL, I was really looking forward to the wonderful season of giving!

My next stop was EATELY at the Dubai Mall, Lower ground floor...

From gift hampers containing Pasta, Balsamic Vinegar, sauces,Gluten free Torrone, green tea juice, Oregano,Venchi chocolates,Spagetti corn riceTruffle oil,Cocoa spread,Choco covered Drages,Bio fusilli brown rice,Black olive spread...and much much more ...for all those loved ones who deserve authentic Italian treats...and the yummiest Panettone, a typical Italian cake made from sweet bread loaf with candied fruits...Its all there at Eately.

With amazing treats such as these , who could think of venturing somewhere else this Christmas...?

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and lots of happiness .......

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