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A Miracle I call Mom ..

The Miracle I call , Mom ...

You were the first person I knew...much before I knew myself.

Your eyes saw a perfect being ,Your touch was as gentle as you, Your smile lit up a thousand skies.

Mom, You were the first person I knew...

Your protective glance , your strong stance, the holidays at your home .....

The travel , the love , the long distance stays, are the ones that have built us today!

My growing up years were full of joy , instilling us with confidence , strength and independence

Always at a distance, letting us bloom ,guiding us in your own way..

It’s time now, as you start to look inwards , you will shine forever in our hearts..leaving us with your

fragrance that you spread ...around us , staying always with us ...

Mom,You were the first person I knew...

Like everyone else, I too have a very special mother.

I keep telling her that and today on Mother’s Day I have all the more reason to shout it out! Don't know why they have a Mother’s day ...or Father's Day , don’t think we need a day to tell them of how special they are on one day . But since this day is ‘their day’ in some parts of the world so be it...Let's, as she would put it, ..Go with the flow!

Of course this has to be a foodie story!

My Mother, upon asking about what she would like to eat if we were dining out , would always say only one thing- and that is the Nizams Kathi Roll. I think it was during her early part of her married life that were spent at Kolkatta , that her love for the particular Roll grew.

My dad would treat us on Sundays for dinner and most of the times we would end up at Connaught Place where Nizam’s had their tiny outlet serving these delicious rolls and Biryanis.

We would pack a few rolls , all of them with double egg..yum! ..and Biryani and sit at India Gate and savour these.

As the butter paper around the rolls started to turn translucent we would ignore the amount of oil, and keep peeling it off to keep going till the end. We would relish these with my mother and father , not knowing that later these would become one of our favourites too.

So today , as I dedicate this recipe to my Mother and miss her at my table today , I ask all of you to cook that one dish that your mother savors or savored and celebrate her love today...All of us have memories of our mothers' cooking and most delicious dishes she prepared or prepares ...Let her stay in your heart today and whip up her favourite dish and let that memory last forever!

This is my recipe ; I have substituted the White Flour Dough with a Multi grain Flour dough so that its a bit healthy!


Would make 8-10 flatbreads, medium sized

For the Parantha / Flat Bread :

1 cup Wheat flour/ Multi grain flour

Salt to taste


For the filling

Tandoori Chicken

4 nos. Boneless breast pieces cut into cubes

2 large onion, sliced.

2 tsp kasuri methi

Sprinkle of Chaat Masala

Lemon juice,20-3 lemons

Marinade : 3 tblsp of beaten yoghurt

1 tsp garlic paste

1 tsp ginger paste

11/2 tsp lemon juice

½ tsp cumin powder

½ tsp garam masala powder

¼ tsp red chilli powder

Salt to taste

If you would like to put red food coloring , you may do so.

Green mint chutney

3-4 eggs , beaten

To prepare:

  1. Marinate the chicken over night, preferably .

  2. Heat the oven , and place the marinated chicken in the oven at 180 centigrade till cooked.

  3. Prepare a dough with the flour , water and salt . It should be soft and pliable like a parantha dough .

  4. Roll it with a rolling pin . Heat a tawa or a pan and place the rolled dough on it .Beat the eggs.

  5. When one side of the roti/ flat bread is cooked , spread the beaten egg on the other side and turn .

6. Let the egg cook and remove from the pan / tawa and place it on a flat surface .

7. Saute some sliced onions lightly and sprinkle chaat masala and add lemon juice. Keep aside.

8. You may want to cut the pieces of the tandoori chicken into slivers or leaves as tikka or bite size.

9. Place the roti egg side upwards, smear a bit of green chutney lengthwise. Place some

sauteed onions and then some pieces of chicken and wrap tightly with butter paper.

You may substitute chicken with cottage cheese, grilled haloumi or vegetables

Keep hot and serve ....Delicious Kathi Rolls at home


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