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Weaving travel dreams to Coorg savouring its famous Egg Curry with potatoes accompanied with Hyderab

Coorg , nestled in the Western Ghats of India is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas and often known as the Scotland of India. With panoramic views and a refreshingly cool climate, a destination that I have always wished to travel to,but unfortunately haven't got the opportunity as yet. It holds a very special place and am hoping my next destination when I travel to India would be Coorg.

The Coorgs or Kodavas are a warrior tribe , contributed much to the military might of India and are thought to be descendants of people of Kurdistan and Kashmir . One of the oldest coffee plantations in India is here. Today I tried the famous Coorgi Egg curry with potatoes . And I wanted to keep it light with a khichdi...but of a different kind , perfect for a holiday brunch.

Coorgi Egg Curry with Potatoes


1/3 cup oil

1 onion , diced

4 nos. cloves , minced

2 tblsp garlic, minced

1 tblsp curry leaves

4 smll green chillies , minced

250 gms potatoes, cut 2 cm

1 tsp salt

6 hard boiled egg, peeled and cut into half vertically

2 tsp lemon juice

Coconut Masala

4 sml dried red chillies

½ tsp black peppercorns

2 tsp coriander seeds

½ tsp cumin seeds

2 nos. green cardamom pods, seeds

2 cm cinnamon , broken into pieces

4 cloves

½ tsp ground turmeric

½ cup freshly grated coconut

To prepare:

For the coconut masala

Dry roast the chili , peppercorn, coriander and cumin seeds , cardamom seeds , cinnamon and cloves together . Cool and grind . Then mix in the turmeric and coconut and grind again in a blender.

1.Heat oil in a pan, fry onions,ginger , garlic , green chilies , curry leave till they soften .

2.Add the coconut masala and cook further till it changes color . Add the potato and simmer for 15 minutes till it is cooked

3.Add salt ,eggs . Reduce heat and cook till the eggs have heated through . Add lemon juice and serve hot.

Hyderabadi Khichdi with Til ka khatta


2 cups mix of brown and white basmati rice

¾ cups of Masoor daal or split red lentil

1 large onion , sliced finely

4-5 green chilies , slit lengthwise

¼ tsp turmeric or haldi

¼ cup mint leaves

3 tblsp coriander leaves , chopped

1 no. bay leaf

1 no. star anise

¾ tsp shahi jeera, black cumin seeds

4 cloves

2 inch cinnamon stick

3 cardamom

2 ½ tblsp ghee

1 tblsp oil


To prepare :

  1. Wash rice and lentil and soak for an hour or more .

  2. Heat oil and ghee and add all the whole spices . Let them sizzle.

  1. Add onions and green chilies and sauté for a few minutes .

  1. Add ginger and garlic paste and sauté till the raw aroma goes away.

  2. Add turmeric , mint and coriander leaves and mix well.

  3. Now add the rice and daal and water . Add salt and mix well . Reduce the flame and cover and cook till the rice and lentil are cooked .

  1. Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve warm with Til ka khatta.

Til ka khatta or Roasted sesame seed and tamarind chutney

  1. Soak a medium sized ball of tamarind for 15 minutes in warm water, strain the juice and add 2 cups of water.

  2. Add 2 heaped tblsp of roasted sesame seed powder, a small chopped onion , freshly chopped coriander , salt and mix.

  3. Temper with mustard seeds, cumin seeds , red chillies , curry leaves and crushed garlic.

Please note: You may omit the number of chilies .

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