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Tempting Autumn Desserts in Dubai at Spontiphoria Cafe

I was quite taken aback when my friend invited me to her launch of an Autumn Menu at her cafe, Spontiphoria..She always prepares amazing desserts...yum all the way so I could'nt miss this oppurtunity to taste what was going to be showcased....

Dubai , typically has 2 seasons..Summer and Winter...and I was wondering what would an Autumn menu look like!

We could hear the buzz inside as my kids and I entered the ever bright cafe at Al Wasl Square. We were immediately seated and Sidiqa , the owner and the Chef...introduced us to the delicious desserts which we would taste ..

The tables were simply dressed with fallen autumn leaves and beautiful candles. Our dessert platter arrived and my kids were ready to dig in every dessert on the table.

Apple Crumble cake , Mini sweet potato smores cupcakes,Cinnamon chip nutella cookies and Peanut butter crunch mousse

The Apple crumble cake was spongy and my son ate up the entire base! The topping was delicious Sidiqa pointed out that all the desserts were prepared from scratch by her using the best quality ingredients .

The Cinnamon chip nutella cookies were a treat...very unique and they reminded me of the traditional bakery cookies that we would have when we were children.My daughter loved each bite.

The mini sweet potato smores cupcakes were a delightful surprise...crumbly but delicious with a very soft son could'nt stop eating them .

But the star dessert for me was the Peanut butter crunch mousse...perfect texture..with the delicious crunch of Peanuts reminding me of the Peanut chikki (delicious peanut homemade candy with jaggery, made in India ) mixed in the mousse. It was very tough for me to resist this and saw myself dig in continously, much to the surprise of my little ones.

Chef Sidiqa with my Elves!

As we bid her goodbye, I could'nt have imagined that I would get to experience a bit of Autumn in Dubai and I thank my dear friend for this. My children who are my mini elf raters gave it a thumbs up 10/10 ! and they always leave Spotiphoria as very happy customers ...this time I could only wait and watch what would be the consequences of the sugar rush that evening !

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