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Day 5- Khira Pakoras or Cucumber fritters anyone? 

I was a bit surprised when I read about how delicious cucumber fritters are .. have always associated cucumbers in a salad .. never in fritters.. but I decided to try it out ..

The flour used is the water chestnut flour-Singhare ka atta , found in a desi store like Al Adil .

To prepare :

Take 1/2 cup of singhare ka atta or water chestnut flour.

Add 1/2 a chopped green chili,1/2 tsp red chili powder,1/2 rock salt and 1/4 tsp corriander powder.

Peel and slice cucumbers and keep aside.

Make a batter by pouring enough water in this mixture . It should be coating consistency.

Heat oil in a kadai .

Put the cucumbers in the batter , take out small dollops and fry till golden .

Serve hot and enjoy !

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