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Day 7 - Sabudana khichdi or Sago Khichdi -Something light to start the day

Holiday mornings are easy going and it's great to prepare something that is light and doesn't take too much time so today ,on the 7th day , I tried a sago or Sabudana khichdi to start off the day .

To prepare :

1. Take 1 cup of sabudana or sago and soak in a bowl for 2 hrs .

2. Heat oil in a pan , add 1 tsp cumin seeds. When it starts to crackle add 3/4 cup of boiled and chopped potatoes, 1/2 cup roasted coarsely powdered peanuts , the sago /Sabudana,1 finely chopped green chili, 5-6 curry leaves, 2 tsp lemon juice,1 tsp of sugar and rock salt to taste.

3. Mix well and cook on a medium flame for 2 minutes .

Serve hot and enjoy ... have a great start to your day !

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