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May Goddess Mahagauri smile upon us , celebrating Day 8 with Vrat ke Aloo with Singhade ka atta ki P

Today is the day when the beautiful Goddess Mahagauri is worshiped . According to a legend Maa Mahagauri liberated the world from evil forces, much needed in a world of today.

Maa Mahagauri purifies the souls of Her devotees and removes all their sins. She has a calming effect on the lives of Her devotees and she also helps them improve their knowledge.

To celebrate this day, I prepared a simple crumbled potatoes in a light tomato gravy with water chest nut flour fried bread or Vrat ke aloo with Singhade ke atta ki poori.

To prepare the Vrat Ke Aloo or Potaoes in light tomato gravy: Serves 2

1. Take 1 potato , boil and peel it and cut it into cubes.

2. Chop 1 tomato and keep aside .

3. Heat oil in a pan . Add 1/2 tsp of cumin seeds. When they start crackling , add 1/2 chopped green chillies .Saute for about 1/2 a minute.

4. Add the tomatoes and saute till you can see oil leaving the sides. This takes around 5 minutes. Add water and simmer.

5. Add the potatoes , after crumbling it between your fingers and keep on simmer for another 5-10 minutes.

6. Add rock salt to taste.

7. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

8. Serve hot with Singhade ka atta ke puri and enjoy .

To prepare Singhade ke atta ki puri :

1. Take 1 1/2 cups of Water chest nut flour and add 1 boiled and mashed potato in it .

2. Add 1/2 chopped green chilli,1/2 tsp cumin powder ,1 tsp oil and rock salt to taste.

3. Knead the dough adding very little water. The dough shouldnt be sticky but smooth and pliable.

4. Heat oil in a kadai . It should be very hot for frying the pooris.

5. Make small balls from the dough roll small sized pooris.These should not be either too thick or thin.

6. Dust water chest nut flour while rolling so that it doesn't stick.

7.Fry the pooris in hot oil .

8. Serve hot with Vrat ke aloo.

The pooris came out delicious but one has to roll them very carefully.

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