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Day 9 Spread your power of positive energy with Date and fig Laddoos

Siddhidatri the ninth form of Goddess Durga and is worshiped on the ninth day of Navaratri. Siddhidatri has supernatural healing powers,has four arms and is always in a blissful happy enchanting pose.

'Siddhi' means 'achievements' or 'perfection' and 'datri' means 'the one who gives'. So, when Maa Siddhidatri is revered by her devotees with full faith, then she blesses them with powers and positive energy.

To celebrate the positive energy all around , I prepared Date and Fig Laddoos.

To prepare :

Take 1 cup of chopped dates. You can select pitted dates. I got Sagai dates and took out the seeds and chopped them .

Take 8-9 dried figs and chop them . Keep aside.

Roast around 2-3 tbsp of almonds and keep aside.

Delicious ingredients for the laddoos

In a dry mixer , add , the dates , figs, roasted almonds ,2 tblsp of desiccated coconut, 1 tbsp of cashew nuts, 2 tbsps of golden raisins and 1 tsp of cardamom powder.

Take it out in a bowl and prepare round balls and serve your loved ones..spreading love , positive energy all around...

You can store in an airtight container and refrigerate them too.


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