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A nameless offering for the playful One

The celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna , the naughty , playful god, was always one of my favorite festivals while growing up in India . I loved the fact that there was total acceptance of many ungodly behaviors of Krishna , those that I could relate to. I was naughty and so was he , I was playful and so was he ...and I would always see a reflection of myself in ‘him’. Every year , my grandmother would prepare an offering to be distributed . It was a very different but the simplest offering having no name , unlike the regular sweets made at homes. The taste still lingers in my memory and on my tongue ...and I can still savour those precious moments when we all would sit around to eat from one big thaali or plate devour it after the prayers. It was only from her kitchen that I remember receiving this offering and today I dedicate this offering to her.

Bhuna Atta aur kele ka prashad or Dry Roasted Wheat and Banana Offering

Ingredients :

1 cup Wheat flour ¾ cup ground sugar 1 Banana cut into thick rounds

To Prepare:

1. Roast the wheat flour in a kadai or work on a medium flame . 2. When you can get the fragrance of the wheat being roasted , add the sugar and mix very well 3. Take off the fire and cool. 4. Roll in the Roundels of Bananas and serve .


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