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Minal’s Methi Thepla or Fenugreek Flatbread

Thepla is from the western region of India - Gujrat where this flatbread is very popular. It’s uniquely spiced infused bread that can be savored at anytime of the day usually with a raw mango chutney but it can be accompanied with any  other sweet chutney too or delicious white butter . I have come to enjoy a few dishes that are borne out of Gujrat region and the Farsan or snacks are my all time favourite . 

Thepla is a very simple flatbread and due to  its famous filling of methi or fenugreek it is enjoyed during winters . It’s a popular healthy  breakfast or ‘anytime snack’ eaten at any time of the year .

I had asked my Gujrati friend, dear Minal , who is an awesome cook to send me the recipe as my mother had fed me some methi thepla this mud term break and I couldn’t stop at one ! Eaten with homemade white butter is the ultimate snack , lunch or dinner ( or breakfast !)


1 cup wheat flour 

2-3 tblsp gramflour

2-3 tblsp yoghurt

1 tsp ajwain or carrom seeds 

1/2 tsp turmeric powder 

Handful of freshly chopped methi leaves 

1 tsp ginger , garlic and green chilly paste 

1 tsp salt or to taste 



To Prepare 

1. Sieve the flours in a bowl together . 

2. Add all the ingredients together with water  and knead to a soft dough .Make small balls out of the dough and keep aside.

3. Heat oil on a skillet or tawa . Roll the balls with a rolling pin into a flatbread . 

4. Place it on the tawa and cook it on both sides flipping it now and then . 

5. Make sure there is oil on the tawa whenever you are cooking the thepla. 

6. When both sides are cooked , serve hot with homemade butter or fig chutney . 

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