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Easy Light Pan Asian cooking with Pakchoi with Vegetables and Cashew

School or office lunches at home need to be light and healthy ...this recipe is very light and easy to prepare . I would always eat Pak Choi as a side dish when dining out to balance off the nutrition I would want out of an Asian meal...and its one of the most delicious sides ever!

An excellent source of Vitamin A , C , Manganese and zinc, it has a very subtle flavour and is commonly referred to as a Chinese cabbage.

Pakchoi stored in bags from theecoloopshop2019(insta handle)

Pakchoi and Vegetables and Cashew

Ingredients For 2

1 no. long spring onion , chopped

2 inch ginger , crushed

3 nos. garlic pods, minced

1 small brown onion , sliced

3-4 bulbs of Pak choi

10-12 nos. cashewnuts

2 nos.small aubergines(You may add carrots, zuchini, Babycorn ), chopped

2 tblsp soya sauce(use a very good quality one)

1 tblsp chilli sauce or sriracha

2 tsp jaggery powder

1 tsp arrowroot flour (any flour for thickening)

2 tblsp oil

To prepare:

1. Heat oil in a wok , add and saute the ginger and garlic . When the raw smell goes , add the onions and the white part of the spring onions and saute .

2. Add all the vegetables other than the pak choi.

3.After 2-3 minutes add cahewnuts.

4. Take the pakchoi leaves off the base stem and wash very well. Add them whole to the vegetables when they are nearly cooked.

5. Blend the soya sauce , chilli sauce , jaggery and arrowroot flour together and add to the wok. Add 1 cup water . Let it come to a boil and the sauce will star to thicken . Check seasoning .

6. Garnish with Spring onion greens and sesame seeds.

Enjoy with steamed rice.

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