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Of Fluffy Omelettes on Father's Day

The big question always asked during breakfast time was- "How do we make those delicious fluffy omelettes ?". My father was always in charge of Sunday morning breakfasts serving us those delicious Afghan eggs which we would polish off in no time ...Eggs have always been central at our breakfast table and we love them. So today as I think of him , I tried to fluff up the omelettes at breakfast today ...and put rest to all those questions at our table .

Happy Father's Day , Dad ...

Ingredients: Serves 2-3

4 eggs

4 tsp cream , I used coconut cream

1 tsp sugar or jaggery


Salt to taste

To prepare:

  1. Separate the yolks and the whites.

  2. In a bowl, take the egg whites and add salt, sugar or jaggery and the cream.

  3. Beat the eggs to stiff peaks.

  4. Beat the yolks separately with a fork. Add the egg white mixture taking little at a time ad fold well.

  5. Heat some butter in a pan , when it melts add the egg mixture and spread it well.

  6. After a few minutes , add shredded cheese or any filling of your choice .

  7. Serve hot with bread or toast...and enjoy


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